The Variations of SMC During Tidal Cycle in Deukryang Bay, Korea

대.소조기변동에 따른 득량만내의 부유퇴적물의 변동 및 분포특성

  • Published : 1996.08.01


The temnoral variations of the suspended material concentration (SMC) during spring-neap tidal cycle was investigated at more than 30 stations in Deukryang Bay, Korea, in 1 and 23 July, 1992. The averaged total SMC in spring tide was two times more than those in neap tide. It can be explained that the strong tidal current in spring tide disturbed bottom waters and induced higher SMC in the bay. The areal distributions of SMC for the surface and the bottom layers in the bay shows much different patterns during spring and neap tidal cycle. We concluded that the vertical stratification intensity of water mass is important factor of the horizonatal distribution of SMC in the bay.


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