Infection Status of Todarodes pacificus (Mollusca: Cephalopoda) with Anisakid Larvae in the Markets from Jumungin

주문진 어시장 살오징어(Todarodes pacificus)의 아니사키스 유충 감염상

  • 전계식 (용인대학교 자연과학대 환경보건학과) ;
  • 김세화
  • Published : 1996.04.01
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A total of 248 specimens of Todarodes pacificus were purchased from the Jumungin fishery market at the East Sea area two times during the period from November 1 to December 30, 1995. Samples were examined for their infection status with larvae anisakid. Anisakid larvae were collected from muscle, viscera and omentum. One hundred sixteen larval anisakids sorted from 34 specimens of T. pacificus (13.7% of infection rate) ranged from 13.5 to 29.5 mm in their body length. They were classified based on morphological and morphometric observations as follows; Anisakis type I larvae (68 larvae, 58.6%: positive rate), Contracaecum type A (5, 4.3%), Anisakis type II (17, 14.5%), Contracaecum type D (8, 7.0%) and unknown type (18, 15.5%).