Changes in Sedimentary Process and Distribution of Benthic Foraminifera in the Eastern Part of Kwangyang Bay, South Sea of Korea

광양만 동부해역의 퇴적과정 변화와 저서성 유공충 군집분포

  • Published : 1996.04.01
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Analyses of surface sediment textures and recent benthic foraminifera were carried out to understand the change of sedimentary depositional processes in the eastern part of Kwangyang Bay. Echo-sounding images revealed that topographic change of the delta front sheet sand was caused by POSCO (Pohang Steel Company)'s dredging and reclaiming. The sand body prograded toward southeast. Fine sediments are distributed in the northeastern part of the study area. Identification of benthic foraminifera was conducted for the two selected cores from the sand body for the first time. Dominant species are Ammonia beccarii, Elphidium excavatum and Quinqueloculina lamarckiana. No abrupt change of benthic foraminiferal assemblage was observed from the sedimentary sequences.