A study on improvement of policing perfomance by usage parameter control in asynchronous transfer mode networks

ATM망에서 사용자 변수 제어에 의한 감시 성능 개선에 관한 연구

  • 한길성 (공군사관학교 전자공학과) ;
  • 오창석 (충북대학교 컴퓨터공학과)
  • Published : 1996.06.01


In ATM networks there are two methods in traffic control as schemes advancing the quality of service. One is reactive control after congestion and the other which is generally recommended, is preventive control before congestion, including connection admission control on call leel and usage parameter control, network parameter control, priority control and congestion control on cell level. In particular, usage parameter control is required for restricting the peak cell rate of bursy tracffic to the parameter negotiated at call set-up phase since the peak cell rate significantly influences the network quality of service. The scheme for progressing quality of service by usage parameter control is themethod using VSA(Virtual Scheduling Algorlithm) recommended ITU-T. The method using VSSA(Virtual Scheduling Suggested Algorlithm) in this paper is suggested by considering cell delay variation and token rate of leaky bucket, compared VSA and VSANT(Virtual Scheduling Algolithm with No Tolerance) with VSSA which polices violated cell probability of conformed peak cell rate and intentionally excessive peak cell rate. VSSA method using IPP(Interruped Poisson Process) model of input traffic source showed more quality of service than VSA and VSANT methods as usage parameter control because the suggested method reduced the violated cell probability of contformed peak cell rate and intentionally excessive peak cell rate.