The Effect of the Group Factors on the Efficiency of the Group Decision:On the Group Task Types

집단의사결정관련요인이 의사결정의 효율성에 미치는 영향 : 의사결정문제형태를 중 심으로

  • 소달호
  • Published : 1996.12.01


Group Decision Support System(GDSS) has been a rapidly emerging field of the 1990's. Whereas conventional Decision Support System(DSS) helps individual decision makers, GDSS are designed to help groups of senior management and professional groups reach consensus. However, empirical researches which required to establish the optimum GDSS specification are scarce. Along with this purpose, this paper was focused to investigate the effect of group decision factors on the efficiency of the group decision. In this paper, task types of group decision which were discussed as major variable at many papers were settled as environmental factor. The result has verified the importance of the role-related factors on the efficiency of the group decision. This fact highlights the need of more researches on the role-related factors in the group decision in the GDSS development.