Ethics in Using Information Technology for Business Management

기업경영에 있어 정보기술사용에 따른 윤리의식

  • 허정식
  • Published : 1996.12.01


Ethics refers to the principles of right and wrong that can be used by individuals acting as free moral agents to make choices to guide their behavior. Information technology has presented our human mankind not only prosperity but also harms. This is why moral aspects should be addressed in the application of information system. First, a transforming tendency of international economy will be observed. Second, many issues regarding ethics and behavioral courses will be discussed. And a trend of information technology and five moral models will be examined. Third, traditional morals of Koreans and attitudes of Westerners about information technology will be analyzed. Fourth, it will be also discussed how private firms understand ethics and culture in the context of information handling. It is suggested that individuals who use information technology cultivate efficient and effective ethical principles contributing to public good in the society. For this purpose, the government should establish relevant legal devices.