Newly recorded and rarely known species of Noctukdae (Lepidoptera) from the Korean Peninsula

한국산 밤나방과의 미기록종을 포함한 몇몇 종들에 대한 보고

  • 안성복 ;
  • V.S.코노넨코 ;
  • 원갑재
  • Published : 1996.12.01


Twenty four newly recorded and rarely known noctuid species from the Korean peninsula, which are preserved in domestic and foreign museums, are discussed in this article. Eleven species; Hypenodes curvilinea Sugi, Polydesma boarmoides (Guenee), Catocala bokhaica (Kononenko), Xanthomantis contaminata (Draudt), Craniophora harmandi (Poujade), Amphipyra acheron Draudt, Orthogonia tapaishana (Draudt), Chasminodes u.ssurica Kononenko, Oncocnemis campicola Lederer, Protomiselia bilinea (Hampson) and Xestia (Anomogyna) albonigra (Kononenko) are newly reported from the Korean peninsula. Among them, P. bilinea (Hampson), which has been known in Japan, is reported for the first time from the Continental Asia. The occurrence of Athetis pallidipennis Sugi, Pseudocosmia maculata Kononenko, Callopistria miracula Herz and Lacanobia dentata Kononenko are reconfirmed in Korea. Eudocyma salamina (Cramer) and Polydesma boarmoides Guenee are .considered to be tropical migrating species. A previously misidentified species, Hypenodes rectifascia Sugi is corrected as H. curvilinea Sugi.


Systematics;Lepidoptera;Noctuidae;Korean Peninsula