A Study on the Stochastic Finite Element Method Based on Variational Approach

변분법을 이용한 확률론적 유한요소법에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1996.12.01


A stochastic Hamilton variational principle(SHVP) is formulated for dynamic problems of linear continuum. The SHVP allows incorporation of probabilistic distributions into the finite element analysis. The formulation is simplified by transformation of correlated random variables to a set of uncorrelated random variables through a standard eigenproblem. A procedure based on the Fourier analysis and synthesis is presented for eliminating secularities from the perturbation approach. In addition to, a method to analyse stochastic design sensitivity for structural dynamics is present. A combination of the adjoint variable approach and the second order perturbation method is used in the finite element codes. An alternative form of the constraint functional that holds for all times is introduced to consider the time response of dynamic sensitivity. The algorithms developed can readily be adapted to existing deterministic finite element codes. The numerical results for stochastic analysis by proceeding approach of cantilever, 2D-frame and 3D-frame illustrates in this paper.