Study on the Characteristics and Development of Impact Dynamic Vibration Absorber

충격식 감쇠기를 이용한 동흡진기의 개발에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1996.12.01


From comparing the impact dynamic absorber with the impact damper in the auxiliary vibration system with the conventional dynamic absorber, the following conclusions are obtained as follows ; 1. Recognizing that the amplitude restraining effect of the impact dynamic absorber become resonable in a comparison of conventional one development of an improved dynamic absorber may be probable. 2. With increasing the frequency ratio, the 1st resonance peak is higher but the 2nd one gets lower. In addition, the frequency ratio is peak located at the same resonance. 3. The optimum impact clearance is smaller and the vibration constraining effect becomes better with and increase in the mass of impact ball. And it is recognizable that the optimum tuning frequency ratio and impact clearance in an accordance with the mass ratio are varied. 4. The optimum tuning condition becomes gradually lower than the case of r=1 and maximum amplitude becomes lower with an increment in the mass ratio. However, the impulse clearance is larger and the working range of restraining vibration amplitude become smaller with a decrement in the mass of impact ball.