Characteristics of Underwater Air-Bubble Curtain Generating by the Compressed Air

압축공기에 의한 수중 기포막의 특성

  • 김재오
  • Published : 1996.12.01


This paper described to experiment and analyze for the characteristic of underwater airbubble curtain which was generated by the air - bubble curtain generating unit consisted with air compressor (290l/min x 1.5Kw) and air tank(10kgf/$cm^2$) in order to provide foundation source for guiding fish schools. To layout the air - bubble curtain was made vinyl hoses( $cm^2$ emitting air - pressure, the wider hole interval of hose drilled the higher air - bubble curtain could be formed, and then the horizontal length of air - bubble curtain could be prolonged 45% according to be inclined vertical angle of air - bubble generating hose.