The Development of Data Base Program on the Catch of Long-Iine Tuna

원양 다랭이 연승어업의 어획량 데이터 베이스 프로그램 개발

  • 배봉성
  • Published : 1996.12.01


In order to suggest the useful information of fishing ground, a data base system on 32bit personal computer was developed and handled by using the catch data of Korean tuna long -line. This data base system was programmed using Quick Basic, and consisted of three kinds of programs, one for displaying the catch rate on the fishing ground by fishing area and year ranges, another for indicating the catch rate or number on table or graph, and the other for estimating the fishing ground in economical points, mainly targeting total tunas, yellowfin and bigeye tuna respectively. When this system was started, the map of oceans such as the Pacific, the Indian and the Atlantic, is drawn on the monitor. And then the catch rates of all species and each one are indicated by the figured symbols on the sea divisions of$5^{\circ}$ space of latitute and longitude.