Study on the Adhensivity and Corrosion Resistance Oxide Coated Materials ( 2 )

산화물 피복강재의 밀착성과 내식성에 관한 연구 ( 2 )

  • Published : 1996.09.01


To improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel and Fe, the adherence between fIlm and substarte and the corrosion resistance to ceramic fIlm ($TiO_2$ and $ZrO_2$), coated by RF magnetron sputtering, were studied. The adherence index (X) was determined by the measure of micro - hardness test. Also, the corrosion resistance on oxide coatings was studied using electrochemical measurement. The main results obtained are as the following: 1) In the micro - hardness test, with 1J.UI1 thickness fIlm, it has only one the value of X. Above 2J.UI1 thickness fIlm, however, get another value ofX as the cracks in fIlm. 2) The adhensivity of titania ($TiO_2$) coated fIlm is superior to that of zirconia ($ZrO_2$) coated fIlm. 3) All oxide fIlm used adhere well on the mild materials such as pure steel than high intensity materials like stainless steel. 4) The corrosion resistance of zirconia coated materials was improved compared to titania coated materials.