Experimental Study on the Calculation of Stremlines Around a ShipHull of Chine Form

Chine형 선체주위의 유선계산에 관한 실험적 고찰

  • 이근무
  • Published : 1996.09.01


Generally, the flow around the ship's hull often appear 3-dimensional separation at the bow and stem, and the vortex by this flow affects greatly the resistance propulsive efficiency and maneuverability of the ship. This study is compared the calculated result based on the streamlines calculation method with the experimental result by oil fIlm method to analyze the patterns and characteristics of the flows around the ship's hull of chine form. DTMB Series 62, 4667-1 vessel was selected as a sample ship of chine form and model ship was painted with the mixture of oil-color, paint, and poly wax at the surface of the vessel and tested in the model towing tank of Inha University. The results obtained in this study are listed briefly as follows ; 1. For the single chine form, after $4\frac{1}{2}$ station the streamlines are crossed at the chine line and the streamlines are converted to the vortex follow the chine line. 2. For the single chine form, the vortex appered increases and severely in and arround the stern. 3. The approximate streamlines for the ship's hull of chine form can be assigned by the use of the Watanabe's basic transformation formular.