Relationship Between the Catch of the Pacific Saury and the Water Temperature in the Northwest Pacific Ocean

북태평양 꽁치 봉수망 어획량과 수온과의 관계

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  • Published : 1996.09.01


The saury stick - held dip net fishery of Korea in the Northwest Pacific Ocean began in 1985 with 3 vessels. Since then the fishery has grown so rapidly year by year that the number of vessels increased to 34 and the catch to 40 thousands Mff in 1993. In the present study, the monthly situation and the movement of the fishing ground for the pacific saury in the Northwest Pacific were investigated and the monthly optimum fIshing tempertures were estimated, from the relationship between the catch and the sea surface temperature. In the beginning of the fishing season, June to August, the fIshing ground is formed in the very wide range, mainly in the northward area of the front meandering, as the parcific saury migrate northward. In the main season, September to November, the ground is formed in the southward area of the front, off the east coast of Japan. Andd then, the fishing season ends in December with the ground coming near to the east coast of Japan. The monthly optimum fishing tempertures showed 11~$13^{\circ}C.$ in June to July, 13-$17^{\circ}C.$ in August to November, and 15~ $17^{\circ}C.$ in December in general. The profIles of water temperature were much different in accordance by net casting position in the fishing ground, regardless of season. So, the MLD and CPUE was analyzed to find out the relation between the water temperature and the catch. Then, it is found that the CPUE shows over 0.7Mtr/haul as the MLD 40~70m.40~70m.