Visual Acuity of Fish - 1 . Relationship Between line Width and Distance at Visual Limit of Filefish Stephanolepis Cirrhifer -

어류의 시각에 관한 연구 - 1 . 쥐치의 시인한계에서의 선의 굵기와 거리와의 관계 -

  • Published : 1996.09.01


The relationship between width of line target and distance at the limit of discrimination was examined by means of the behavioral method, for filefish Stephanolepis cirrhifer from 11 to 15cm body length. Target distance was distance from beginning of partition board to target plate, and was varied from 50cm to 200cm. The target plate was made of white acrylic resin with a vertical black line in the center. The width of line target was varied from 0.2mm to 8.0mm. Fish were trained to respond to a line target and the width of line target reduced until the minimum width required to elicit a response was established. Rate of success was expressed as the percentage of target choices in 90 trials. The line acuity of filefish was found to be 0.58 at a target distance of 50cm. The rate of success decreased slowly as line target width decreased from 8.0mm to 1.5mm, and decreased suddenly for target widths less than about 1.5mm. The width of the line target D(mm) at the limit of discrimination was shown to be an exponential function of the target distance L(cm) as follows : D=exp(9.947$\times$$10^-3$.L+0.146)