Prodiction of Walleye Pollock , Theragra Chalcogramma , Landings in Korea by Time Series Analysis : AIC

시계열분석을 이용한 한국 명태어업의 어획량 예측 : AIC

  • Published : 1996.09.01


Forecasts of monthly landings of walleye pollock, Theragra chalcogramma, in Korea were carried out by the seasonal Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average(ARlMA) model. The Box - Cox transformation on the walleye pollock catch data handles nonstationary variance. The equation of Box - Cox transformation was Y'=($Y^0.31$_ 1)/0.31. The model identification was determined by minimum AIC(Akaike Information Criteria). And the seasonal ARlMA model is presented (1- O.583B)(1- $B^1$)(l- $B^12$)$Z_t$ =(l- O.912B)(1- O.732$B^12$)et where: $Z_t$=value at month t ; $B^p$ is a backward shift operator, that is, $B^p$$Z_t$=$Z_t$-P; and et= error term at month t, which is to forecast 24 months ahead the walleye pollock landings in Korea. Monthly forecasts of the walleye pollock landings for 1993~ 1994, which were compared with the actual landings, had an absolute percentage error(APE) range of 20.2-226.1 %. Thtal observed annual landings in 1993 and 1994 were 16, 61OM/T and 1O, 748M/T respectively, while the model predicted 10, 7 48M/T and 8, 203M/T(APE 37.0% and 23.7%, respectively).