Distribution of Anchovy , Engraulis Japonica ( Houttuyn ) , in the Coastal Waters of Kangwon Province in Korea

강원 연안 멸치의 분포 특성에 관하여

  • 박종화
  • Published : 1996.09.01


Distribution of Anchovy was analyzed from the experimental operations by the small anchovy drag net fishery in the coastal area of Yang yang - gun and Myongju - gun of Kangwon Province from October to December, 1994. Temperature ranged from $11.4^{\circ}C.$to $17.4^{\circ}C.$throughout the experimental period. Fishes caught by experimental operation vessels were composed of anchovy, Clupanodon Punctatus, Pleuronectidae, Tetraodantidae, Acanthopagrus Schlegeli etc., and the anchovy occupied more than 99.6% of the total catch. Anchovy was characterized by the most abundance of the catch for the individual less than 6cm and the gradual increase after October for those larger than 6cm. CPUE(catch per tow) of anchovy was 684kg in October, 784kg in November, 1,590kg in December and mean CPUE of 3 months from October to December was 1,066kg. Fishing grounds of anchovy were formed in coastal area, from $37^{\circ}$45'N to $38^{\circ}$04'N, off Kangwon Province. Distribution density of anchovy in Chumunjin - up, Kyohang - ri Sachon - myon, and Sachonjin - ri coasts was higher than the other areas. Anchovy caught in this surveyed area was recruited from July to September at the length class between 2cm and 3cm, and grew to the sizes between 4cm and Bem in October, between 5cm and tcm in November, between tcm and Bem in December. Recruitment of anchovy increased from July to September and suddenly decreased after September. Individual number of the population was the largest during the period from August to October and gradually decreased after October. Biomass continuously increased after August, and was the largest in December.