A Study on the Algorithm for Nonlinear Dynamic Response Analysis of Shell Structure

쉘 구조물의 비선형 동적응답 해석을 위한 Algorithm에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1996.06.01


The main intention of this paper is to develop and compare the algorithm based on finite element procedures for nonlinear transient dynamic analysis which has combined effects of material and geometric nonlinearities. Incremental equilibrium equations based on the principle of virtual work are derived by the finite element approach. For the elasto - plastic large deformation analysis of shells and the determination of the displacement-time configuration under time-varying loads, the explicit, implicit and combined explicit-implicit time integration algorithm is adopted. In the time structure is selected and the results are compared with each others. Isoparametric 8-noded quadrilateral curved elements are used for shell structure in the analysis and for geometrically nonlinear elastic behaviour, a total Lagrangian coordinate system was adopted. On the other hands, material nonlinearity is based on elasto-plastic models with Von-Mises yield criteria. Thus, the combined explicit-implicit time integration algorithm is benefit in general case of shell structure, which is the result of this paper.