Studies on the Adherence and Corrosion Resistance of Oxide Coated Materials ( 1 )

산화물 피복강재의 밀착성과 내식성에 관한 연구 ( 1 )

  • Published : 1996.06.01


To ceramic film, $SiO_2$ and $Al_2O_3$, coated on pure Fe and stainless steel(SUS41O) by RF magnetron sputtering, the adherence between mm and substarte was studied. The adherence index (${\chi}$) was determined by the measure of micro hardness test. Also, the corrosion resistance on oxide coatings was studied using electrochemical measurement. The main results obtained are as the following: 1) In the micro-hardness test, with $1{\mu}m$ thickness mm, it has only one the value of ${\chi}$. Above $2{\mu}$thickness fIlm, however, get another value of ${\chi}$as the cracks in fIlm. 2) The oxide fIlm adhere well on the mild materials such as pure steel than high intensity materials like stainless. 3) Alumina($Al_2O_3$) coated materials have better corrosion resistance than silica($SiO_2$)coated materials