Holding Mechanism of Anchor System for Fisheries Facilities

계류기초의 파주력 산정에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1996.06.01


The optimal design of floating type fisheries facilities in the open sea is demanded considering with the severe hydrodynamic forces on floating body, mooring tension and holding force of anchor. For conserving the facilities in most effective state, design and selection of anchor system is one of the most important fundamental subject. To enhance the design procedure of anchor system the holding forces of anchor are investigated by the hydraulic model test and are compared with the typical conventional results for various anchors. Applicability of previous estimation methods of holding force are checked and holding mechanism of anchor is discussed. Using the results a new computational concept of holding force is suggested considering mainly the effects of passive soil pressure (resistance), steady soil pressure, and surface friction etc. The new estimation method is proved as a feasible one by comparing the results of hydraulic model experiments. Applicability of various anchors to the anchor system on open sea fisheries structures is comprehensively reviewed using the present model tests and previous study results in the viewpoint of economy, construction and stability etc. Using the results, fundamental anchoring system design procedures are suggested to apply huge marine ranching complex with increase of the holding capacity of anchor under the optimum cost.