Studies on the Compressed Air Submersible Fish Cage System ( I ) -Dynamic Characteristic of the Submersible Fish Cage-

압축공기식 부침가두리에 관한 연구 ( I ) - 부침가두리의 동적특성 -

  • Published : 1996.06.01


The real size submersible fish cage($L{\times}B{\times}D$, $3{\times}3{\times}6$m)system consists of the compressed air equipment was made in order to control efficiently in case of heavy weather or environmental pollution such as red tide, and then carried out experiment on the submersible functions and safety for that cage at Koje inland sea in 14th June, 1995. The authors could confirm that the submersible cage was very stabilized it's submersible functions and safety when the cage was floating and sinking at sea.