A Study on the Luring of fish Shoals into the Fyke net by the Underwater Sound Emission

제주도 연안의 각망어업에 있어서 수중음악에 의한 어군의 유집에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1996.03.01


The authors carried out a field experiment to confirm the effect of underwater sound on the luring of fish schools in a setnet in the coast of Cheju Island. The effects of the acoustic emission on the luring of fish schools were observed using a manufectured underwater speaker in the setnet, and pure sound, of which frequency was 600Hz and the source level was 126dB, was emitted on and off at 5 minutes intervals in the set net during the night of ,July 29 and ,July 31. So we had recorded behavior of fish schools by the telesounder with two channel and shape of the setnet by underwater video camera and analyzed them. When the flood and ebb currents were around the setnet, the nets rised to the surface of water and it happened occasionaly at the stand of tide. Therefore, it was in the state that fish schools feel constraint to enter into the setnet, and was required a new design of the setnet stand up to strong tidal current. As the pure sound, of which frequency was 600Hz was emitted for the luring of fish schools in a setnet, the catch ammounts of fish, the young horce mackereWI'rachllrlls japonicus), was increased 4~6 times than not emitted.