Response of Armorclad Rockfish , Sebastes Hubbsi to the Attraction Lamp

유도등에 대한 우럭 , 볼락의 반응

  • Published : 1996.03.01


The author examined the response of Armorclad rockfish, Sebastes hubbsi [MATSUBARA]to the surface attracting lamps (0.5W, 0.8W, 1W) line in the experimental water tank ($550L{\times}58W{\times}73H$cm). The attraction rate was investigated in accordance with the intervals of lighting and putting out hour (1,5 minute) when each of the attraction lamps was gradually switched off after they were switched on all at once. The results are as follows : 1. Total distribution rate of fish in the illuminated section was 61.6%(mean 12.3%) in case of 1 minute interval, and 41.0%(mean 8.2%) in case of 5 minutes interval. 2. Mean distribution rate of fish at the illuminated section : \circled1Distribution rate at interval of 1 minute were 12.7% in 0.8W, 12.4% in 0.5W and 11.9% in 1 W respectively. \circled2Distribution rate at interval of 5 minutes were 9.0% in 1W, 8.6% in 0.8W and 7.0% in 0.5W respectively. 3. Attraction rates of the last section showed a little increasing as illuminating time elapsed. A difference of attraction rates according to lighting source in 1 minute interval was bigger than that in 5 minute interval. 4. Attraction rate of fish in only last section switched on : \circled1Attraction rate at interval in case of 1 minute were 52.0% in 0.8W, 46.7% in 0.5%W and 45.3% in 1W respectively. \circled2Attraction rate at interval in case of 5 minutes were 32.0% in 1W, 24.0% in 0.8W and 14.7% in 0.5W respectively.