Classification of Fishing Gear

어구의 분류

  • Published : 1996.03.01


In order to obtain the most favourable classification system for fishing gears, the problems in the existing systems were investigated and a new system in which the fishing method was adopted as the criterion of classification and the kinds of fishing gears were obtained by exchanging the word method into gear in the fishing methods classified newly for eliminating the problems was established. The new system to which the actual gears are arranged is as follows ; (1)Harvesting gear \circled1Plucking gears : Clamp, Tong, Wrench, etc. \circled2Sweeping gears : Push net, Coral sweep net, etc. \circled3Dredging gears : Hand dredge net, Boat dredge net, etc. (2)Sticking gears \circled1Shot sticking gears : Spear, Sharp plummet, Harpoon, etc. \circled2Pulled sticking gears : Gaff, Comb, Rake, Hook harrow, Jerking hook, etc. \circled3Left sticking gears : Rip - hook set line. (3)Angling gears \circled1Jerky angling gears (a)Single - jerky angling gears : Hand line, Pole line, etc. (b)Multiple - jerky angling gears : squid hook. \circled2Idly angling gears (a)Set angling gears : Set long line. (b)Drifted angling gears : Drift long line, Drift vertical line, etc. \circled3Dragged angling gears : Troll line. (4)Shelter gears : Eel tube, Webfoot - octopus pot, Octopus pot, etc. (5)Attracting gears : Fishing basket. (6)Cutoff gears : Wall, Screen net, Window net, etc. (7)Guiding gears \circled1Horizontally guiding gears : Triangular set net, Elliptic set net, Rectangular set net, Fish weir, etc. \circled2Vertically guiding gears : Pound net. \circled3Deeply guiding gears : Funnel net. (8)Receiving gears \circled1Jumping - fish receiving gears : Fish - receiving scoop net, Fish - receiving raft, etc. \circled2Drifting - fish receiving gears (a)Set drifting - fish receiving gears : Bamboo screen, Pillar stow net, Long stow net, etc. (b)Movable drifting - fish receiving gears : Stow net. (9)Bagging gears \circled1Drag - bagging gears (a)Bottom - drag bagging gears : Bottom otter trawl, Bottom beam trawl, Bottom pair trawl, etc. (b)Midwater - drag gagging gears : Midwater otter trawl, Midwater pair trawl, etc. (c)Surface - drag gagging gears : Anchovy drag net. \circled2Seine - bagging gears (a)Beach - seine bagging gears : Skimming scoop net, Beach seine, etc. (b)Boat - seine bagging gears : Boat seine, Danish seine, etc. \circled3Drive - bagging gears : Drive - in dustpan net, Inner drive - in net, etc. (10)Surrounding gears \circled1Incomplete surrounding gears : Lampara net, Ring net, etc. \circled2Complete surrounding gears : Purse seine, Round haul net, etc. (11)Covering gears \circled1Drop - type covering gears : Wooden cover, Lantern net, etc. \circled2Spread - type covering gears : Cast net. (12)Lifting gears \circled1Wait - lifting gears : Scoop net, Scrape net, etc. \circled2Gatherable lifting gears : Saury lift net, Anchovy lift net, etc. (13)Adherent gears \circled1Gilling gears (a)Set gilling gears : Bottom gill net, Floating gill net. (b)Drifted gilling gears : Drift gill net. (c)Encircled gilling gears : Encircled gill net. (d)Seine - gilling gears : Seining gill net. (e)Dragged gilling gears : Dragged gill net. \circled2Tangling gears (a)Set tangling gears : Double trammel net, Triple trammel net, etc. (b)Encircled tangling gears : Encircled tangle net. (c)Dragged tangling gears : Dragged tangle net. \circled3Restrainting gears (a)Drifted restrainting gears : Pocket net(Gen - type net). (b)Dragged restrainting gears : Dragged pocket net. (14)Sucking gears : Fish pumps.