A Study on the Midwater pair Trawling-III

쌍끌이 중층트롤어업의 연구 ( III ) - 끌줄의 예망장력에 관하여 - ( A Study on the Midwater Pair Trawling ( III ) )

  • Published : 1996.03.01


Towing tension of the model nets were determined by the load cell(O~20kg, 20DBBP) in front of W$T_mA$ = 1.57 . $V^1.86$ (unit: kg, mlsec) $T_mB$= 1.58 . $V^1.90$ 2. The towing tension of the full scale net was almost coincided with the results obtained by the model experiment. The towing tension(T) can be expressed as a function of the towing veJocity(V) as T=479$V^1.75$(unit: kg, k't)