Effects of Fat Sources and Energy to Protein Ratio on Growth Performance and Carcass Composition of Chicks

  • Jin, Young-Hee (Dept. of Food Science and Technology, Kimcheon College, Kimcheon 740-200)
  • 발행 : 1996.10.01


Three hundred and twenty-four 1 day old chicks were used to determine the effects of fat source and energy to protein ratio on growth performance , carcass composition and the efficiency on nutrient utilization. Chicks were assigned. in a completely randomized design, to 3*3 factorial arrangement of treatments. Chicks received one of three fat sources (n0 fat, tallow, corn oil) and one of three energy to protein ratios(16, 14 and 12kcal ME/g CP). All diets were formulated to be isocaloric(3.2Mcal ME/kg diets) using published ME values for the diet ingredients. Addition of tat to the diet increased ADG, average daily feed intake, and gain to feed, Chicks fed diets containing fat had increased percentage body DM and ether extract(EE), but percentage CP was not different, Chicks fed diets containing fat had increased efficiency of protein and energy deposition. Addition of fat ad either fallow or corn oil yielded similar results. Reducing the energy to protein ratio of the diet did not affect ADG or gain to feed, but tended to decrease average daily feed intake(p=0.80), as well as resulting in linear(p<0.05) reductions in body percentage DM., EE and also total EE. Increasing the energy to protein ratio did not affect percentage or total body Cp. Adding fat to poultry diets improved growth performance and the efficiency of growth chicks. Decreasing the energy to protein ratio did not affect growth performance, but reduced EE in the body of Chicks.


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