Therapeutic Potential of Membrane Fatty Acid Modifiaction in Tumor Cells

  • Shon, Yun-Hee ;
  • Park, Kun-Young ;
  • Kim, Kwang-Soo
  • Published : 1996.06.01


The membrane fatty acid composition of tumor cell can be modified either in cell by altering the lipid composition of the medium of during growth in animals by changing the dietaty fat composition. These modifications are associated with changes in membrane physical properties and certain cellular functions, including carrier-mediated transport and enzyme contained within the membrane. Such effects influence the transport of nutrients and chemotherapeutic agents in cancer cells .Fatty acid modification also can enhance the sensitivity of the neoplastic cell to chemotherapy. The alteration in plasma membrane composition will be affected through dietary supplementations and the potential value to cancer patients could be a better understanding of the effects of diet on responsiveness of neoplasms to chemotherapy, i.e. cancer patients' chances for a "cure" can be improved by diet changes prior to treatment.


membrane fatty acid;tumor cell;dietary modification;chemotherapy


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