Production of Inulin Fructotransferase(depolymerizing) from Flavobacterium sp. LC-413

  • Cho, Chul-Man ;
  • Lim, Young-Soon ;
  • Kang, Soo-Kyung ;
  • Jang, Kyung-Lib ;
  • Lee, Tae-Ho
  • Published : 1996.06.01


A bacterial strain LC-413, producing extracellular inulin fructotransferase which converts inulin into di-D-fructofuranose dianhydride(DFAIII) and amount of oilgosaccharides, was isolated from soil and pre-sumed as Flavobacteium sp. LC-413. The enzyme production was induced by inulin as carbon source and enhanced by the addition of 0.3% malt extract and 0.2% {TEX}$NaNO_{3}${/TEX} as nitrogen source. The enzyme activity in the culture supernatant reached at the maximum, 78.6units/ml, after 11 hours of cultivation in the medium composition of 1.5% inulin, 0.2% {TEX}$NaNO_{3}${/TEX}, 0.05% {TEX}$K_{2}${/TEX}{TEX}$HPO_{4}${/TEX}, 0.05% {TEX}$MgSO_{4}${/TEX}.7{TEX}$H_{2}${/TEX}O, 0.05% KCI, a trace amount of {TEX}$FeSO_{4}${/TEX}.7{TEX}$H_{2}${/TEX}O, and 0.3% malt ext. at 3$0^{\circ}C$. The oilgosaccharide produced by enzyme reaction from inulin was identified as DFA III by and {TEX}${13}^C${/TEX}-NMR spectrosocpy.


Flabobacterium sp. LC-413;inulin fructotransferase;DFA III


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