Rapid Analytical Method of Nitrite and Nitrate in Fish by Ion Chromatography

  • Oh, Myung-Cheol ;
  • Oh, Chang-Kyung ;
  • Kim, Soo-Hyun
  • Published : 1996.06.01


Rapid analytical method was investigated to determine precursors of N-nitrosamine such an nitrite and nitrate in squid(Illex illecebrosus and Sepiell maindroni), codfish(Gadus marcrocephalus)and flatfish(Paralichthys olivaceus) by ion chromatography(IC) and colorimetric methods. Recoveries of nitrite and nitrate in fish tissues were 89~98.7% and 94.1~99.8% for IC, and 98.4~103.7% and 67.7~102.2% for colori-metric method, respectively. Using IC, nitrite was not detected and nitrate was 0.89~1.23mg/kg, while using colorimetric method, nitrite and nitrate were NO~0.08mg/kg and 0.3~0.42mg/kg, respectively. Therefore, the IC method showed better recoveries, and was applicable to extract nitrite and nitrate simultaneously, and is simpler compared with colorimetric method in analyzing nitrite and nitrate from fish tissues.


nitrite;nitrate;ion chromatograhpy;colorimetric method


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