Light Regulation of rbcL Transcript and Protein-binding Region on rbcL Promoter in Maize

  • Published : 1996.12.01


To know the changes of rbcL mRNA level by illumination, Northern hybridization analysis was performed with maize (Zea mays Golden X Bantam). The average level of rbcL. mRNA in the light-grown shoots was 3.1 times higher than that of the dark-grown shoots after 6 to 10 growth days. The maximum difference of rbcL mRNA level between the dark-grown and the light-grown shoots was 5.1 folds. These results indicate that accumulation of rbcL mRNAin maize shoots is induced by light. Since the transcriptional DNA binding proteins and their cognate promoter elements, we carried out gel-retardation assays to elucidate the specific binding proteins on the rbcL promoter. It was found that plastid proteins of light-grown shoots bound to the R2 DNA fragment (-33 to -229) and R3 DNA fragment (-230 to -418 from ATG) of the rbcL promoter. From the results of competitive binding assays and heat or protease treatments, it was demonstrated that the bindings were sequence-specific DNA-protein interactions. Therefore, it could be concluded that the rbcL promoter region has at least two specific recognition sites for plastid proteins.