Candida parapsilosis에 의한 Xylitol 생성시 포도당의 영향

  • 오덕근 (우석대학교 식품공학과) ;
  • 김종화 (우석대학교 식품공학과)
  • Published : 1996.04.01


Effect of glucose addition to xylose medium on xylitol production was investigated by using Candida parapsilosis ATCC 21019 mutant. With increasing the ratio of glucose to xylose in total amount of 50 g/l as glucose and/or xylose, xylitol production was decreased but ethanol and glycerol production were increased. Ethanol and glycerol concentration were maxmum in 10 g/l of xylose and 40 g/l of glucose medium as 21.5 g/l and 3.6 g/l, respecti- vely. No xylitol was formed in glucose medium without xylose because xylitol could be not produced from glucose. With increasing the ratio of glucose to xylose, the activity of xylose reductase which converted xylose to xylitol were decreased. The activities of xylitol dehydrogeiiase which converted xylitol to xylulose and then cell materials were found to be constant regardless of the ratio of glucose to xylose. This results indicated that glucose addition to xylose medium on cell growth was not affected. In order to prevent the inhibitory effect of glucose on xylitol production, glucose in a fermentor was fed with low concentration and then ethanol and glycerol was critically decreased and the xylitol yield from xylose of the culture with glucose feeding was recovered the almost same as that with only 50 g/l of xylose. However, the xylitol yield from total sugars (xylose and glucose) was decreased and glucose was not contributed to xylitol production. Therefore, the fermentation at high concentration of xylose without glucose was carried out. A final xylitol concentration of 242 g/l which corresponding 80.7% of xylitol yield was obtained from 300 g/l of xylose for 273 hours.


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