Variations of Ground-lever Ozone Concentration in Korea during 1991 to 1993

1991 - 1993년 사이 우리나라의 오존 농도 변화

  • 김영성 (한국과학기술연구원 환경연구센터, 130-650 서울 청량 사서함 131호)
  • Published : 1996.03.01


One-hour average concentrations of ground-level ozone from around 80 monitoring stations in Korea during 1991 to 1993 were analyzed to examine characteristics of the ozone concentration variations. Two types of variations were observed: one was for the Capital area typified by Kwanghwmun, and the other was for the south and east seashore region typified by Tongkwangyang. In the Capital area including Seoul, Inchon, Kyonggi-do and Chunchon, mean daily 1-hout maximum was the highest in June following high monthly averages in spring. But frequent precipitation prevented further rise of daily maximum in July and August even though there were frequent episodes of high concentration exceeding 100ppb. In the south and east seashore region, average concentration was the highest throughout the year, and daily maximum and minimum simultaneously changed owing to small contributions from photochemical reactions. The typical annual variation was spring peak, summer down, and fall rise. Spring peak accompanied an usual observations of background variations at remote sites in the Northern Hemisphere. Riess of average and daily maximum with lower daily minimum in fall were attributable to photochemical reactions.



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