Model-based iterative learning control with quadratic criterion for linear batch processes

선형 회분식 공정을 위한 이차 성능 지수에 의한 모델 기반 반복 학습 제어

  • Published : 1996.09.01


Availability of input trajectories corresponding to desired output trajectories is often important in designing control systems for batch and other transient processes. In this paper, we propose a predictive control-type model-based iterative learning algorithm which is applicable to finding the nominal input trajectories of a linear time-invariant batch process. Unlike the other existing learning control algorithms, the proposed algorithm can be applied to nonsquare systems and has an ability to adjust noise sensitivity as well as convergence rate. A simple model identification technique with which performance of the proposed learning algorithm can be significantly enhanced is also proposed. Performance of the proposed learning algorithm is demonstrated through numerical simulations.



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