Engine torque and engine/automatic trandmission speed control systems using time delay control

시간지연 제어를 이용한 엔진 토크 및 엔진/자동변속기 속도 제어 시스템

  • Published : 1996.06.01


Time delay control(TDC) law has been recently suggested as an effective control technique for nonlinear time-varying systems with uncertain dynamics and/or unpredictable disturbances. This paper focuses on the applications of the TDC algorithm to torque control of an engine system and speed control of an engine/automatic transmission system. Through the stability analysis of the engien system based on TDC, determination of the appropriate time delay and control factor is investigated. It was revealed that the size of time delay of the TDC law should be greater than that of transport delay of the system for both stability and better control performance. Simulation and experimental results for the engine torque control and engine/automatic transmission speed control systems show both relatively good command following and disturbance rejection properties. However, TDC controller shows rather slow responses when applied to the system with large transport delay.


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