A Study on the child care system in Sweden

스웨덴의 아동보육제도 연구

  • Lee, Ok (Dept. of Child and Family Studies, Ducksung Women's Univ.)
  • 이옥 (덕성여자대학교 아동가정학과)
  • Published : 1996.08.01


This study is to describl the child care system in Sweden and to understand how the progressive child care system has been developed. The sex categories of the child care issues were studied based on a review of the literature related to the Swedish child care, family welfare system and the socio-economic information on Sweden. Six categories were : (1) historical and socio-economic background of child care system, (2) supply of and demand for the child care service and the types of public and private child care, (3) child care program activities, (4) child care staff training system, (5) administration and financial support system for the child care, and (6) the family policy and the family support programs in Sweden. For the Korean child care system, this study on the Swedish child care implied that : (1) To provide a progressive system of the child care system in Korea will require serious discussion about concentration of the child care administration system which is currently distributed to Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health and Welfare. (2) The extensive family support programs such as the parental leave and flexible work conditions for women are needed for the infant care by parents at home. (3) to expand the child care services in Korea, public support should be primarily focused on the supply of the public day care centers even though the demands for the various child care services are to be met by public financial support. (4) Most of all, societal recognition that all children are the resposiblity of our society is needed to develop a progressive child care system in Korea.