A study on the Adoptability of the Bo-Son Construction Method Based on Teachng Materials

교수 자료에 나타난 버선 제도의 적합성 연구

  • 정옥임 (조선대학교 가정교육과)
  • Published : 1996.04.01


This paper pursues a comparative study on the design and function of the ready-made Bo-Son and the Bo-Son Pattern based on teaching and learning materials. It intends to investigate whether the Bo-Son is designed to suit to Kinetics of foot or to give the ease of wearing and taking off. The following results came out through trial wearing. 1) The Bo-Son pattern suggested in teaching materials can not satisfy the wearers with partial modification due to design problem. On the other hand, the ready-made Bo-Son can satisfy them with partial modification. 2) The important factor in designing the pattern of Bo-Son is the posture of foot when putting on it, that is, the height of the heel of the foot from the floor, the length of the heel, the length of toe and the bending angle of toe. 3) As a result of this study, in the design of the improved Bo-Son pattern, it is most suitable when the size of foot is 230mm, the height of the heel of the foot is 12.5cm, and and angle of the front toe of a sock is 35$^{\circ}C$.