A Comparative Analysis of Breast Type in 20's and 40's Women

20대와 40대 여성의 유방형태 분석

  • 박은미 (숙명여자대학교 대학원 의류학과)
  • Published : 1996.04.01


The purpose of this study was to analyze the differences of breast shapes by age, to classify breast types, and to investigate the characteristics of breast shapes by type and the distributions of types by age group, using comparative analysis for women in 20's and 40's. The subjects of anthropometry were 323 women in 20's and 40's. The anthropometric measurements were analyzed by mean, standard deviation, frequency, T-test, F-test, Duncan test, factor and cluster analysis. The results are as follws : 1) According to the increase of age, the items of height were decreased and the items of width, depth, circumference and length were increased, being obeser and breast points were dropped. So the volume and bottom area of 40's women's breast were larger than 20's women's and the breast point to breast point width of 40's women was being wider by the increase of the intereior of breast. 2) 6 factor were extracted from factor analysis by age group. There was no significant difference in consist of factor between age group. There was no significant difference in consist of facotr between age group, but were differences in the connection of factor extracted items and factor loading. Through factor analysis of all age froup, 5 factors were extracted as important factor of breast shapes (obesity of breast and location of breast point ; breast height and volume ; upper dimensions of breast/lower dimensions of breast ; interior dimensions of breast/exterior dimensions of breast ; volume of the lower part and drop of breast). 3) The breast shapes were classified into 4 types by cluster analysis. The frequency of 20's women's breast types appeared in order of type1(53.0%), type3(32.0%), type2(11.0%), type4(4.0%), but that of breast types of 40's women appeared in order of type2(37.9%), type3(31.1%), type4(26.5%), type1(4.5%). Namely, there was few type4 in 20's women and few type1 in 40's women. 20's women's breast types were characterized as type1·3 and type2·3·4 in 40's women. So 40's women had more various breast types than 20's women's.