The Effects of Yangsimtang on Stress and Immune System

양심탕(養心湯)이 스트레스와 면역기능(免疫機能)에 미치는 영향(影響)

  • Yoon Sang-Hee (Dept. of Neuropsy Chiatry College of Oriental Medicine, Taejon Univerisity) ;
  • Lee Sang-Ryong (Dept. of Neuropsy Chiatry College of Oriental Medicine, Taejon Univerisity)
  • 윤상희 (대전대학교 한의과대학 신경정신과교실) ;
  • 이상용 (대전대학교 한의과대학 신경정신과교실)
  • Published : 1996.12.12


After applying the gravity acceleration stress to a mice, the effect on organ index was examined, and the Con A stimulating proliferation rate of splenocytes, expression of IL-2 receptor and T cell subsets of thymocytes were analyzed and also clearance of C. neoformans was measured. The results were as follows :1. Form finding the organ index after 4 days stress, the indexes of the spleen and thymus were reduced in the res group exposed to the gravity acceleration.2. From finding the proliferation rate by stimulating the splenocytes with Con 4 after 7 days stress, the proliferation rates were all reduced in the stress group, the Yangsimtang group, and the stress and Yangsimtang group. 3. The expression of IL-2 receptor in resting stage was reduced, comparing to the test group, both in the stress group and the Yangsimtang group, however, comparing to the stress group, it was somewhat recovered in the stress and Yangsimtang group.4. To see the IL-2 receptor driven-out after being stimulated by Con-A, the expression of IL-2 receptor was all reduced in the stress group, the Yangsimtang group, and the stress and Yangsimtang group.5. To the rate of T cell subsets of thymus, there's no difference, comparing to the test group, in the Yangsimtang group, however, the rate of $CD4^+CD8^-,\;CD4^-CD8^+,\;and\;CD4^-CD8^-$ cell was significantly reduced in the stress group. And, the $CD4^+CD8^+$ which had been reduced by stress was somewhat recovered in the stress and Yangsimtang group.6. To the effect on the clearance of C, neoformans infection, the numbers of fungi detected at the spleen was, comparing to the test group, increased by 12.6 tines in the Yangsimtang group.



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