Effects of Erythrosine on the Cholesterol Oxidative Stability in an Aqueous Model System

수용성 모형계에서 콜레스테롤의 산화 안정성에 대한 Erythrosine의 영향

  • Published : 1996.02.28


The effects of erythrosine on the oxidative stability of cholesterol in an aqueous model system were studied by depleted headspace oxygen and cholesterol oxidation products (COP). As the oncentration of erythrosine was increased, headspace oxygen depletion, 7-COP and total COP increased during storage at $25^{\circ}C$ for 50 hours under the fluorescent light. As the intensity of fluorescent light was increased, amounts of headspace oxygen depleted and COP formed in an aqueous cholesterol dispersion containing erythrosine also increased. Addition of ${\alpha}-,\;{\delta}-$, mixed-tocopherol and ${\beta}-carotene$ resulted in the enhanced oxidative stability of an aqueous cholesterol dispersion containing erythrosine during the fluorescent light storage.