Personnel Dosimetry Performance Test

개인방사선 피폭선량판독 성능시험

  • Published : 1996.06.30


This paper describes the methods and results of the personnel dosimetry performance tests which were been implemented for the first time in Korea in 1995. Seven categories, except the neutron category prescribed in the ANSI N13.11-1993, were adopted in the test. Fifteen types of dosimeters were participated by fourteen dosimeter processing institutes. A total of 129 dosimeters were selected to test-each type - 15 dosimeters for each of the seven categories and 24 for the controls. A total of 144 radiation categories were employed in the test and a total of 2560 (including 400 controls)dosimeters were submitted-7 categories for each type of the fifteen types dosimeters and 39 categories for the retest. The performance index in each category. sum of the absolute value of the bias and the standard deviation value of the performance quotient. was estimated by the use of delivered and processed dose equivalents according to the standard procedure. The performance in a given category was assessed as acceptable, for the deep and shallow dose equivalents (or the absorbed dose), if the performance index was less than 0.5. The test results showed 54% of the processors passed in the first test, 33% in the retest and 13% in the second retest.