Tritium Concentrations in Surface Seawater around Korean Peninsula

한국 주변 해역 표층해수중 삼중수소 농도

  • Published : 1996.06.30


An electrolytic enrichment technique was used to measure low levels of tritium in seawater around the Korean peninsula. Tritium concentrations were determined for surface seawater samples collected from the East Sea, the South Sea, and the Yellow Sea. The tritium concentrations in surface seawater samples from the study area ranged from $0.12 BqL^{-1}\;to\;1.50BqL^{-1}$ with a mean value of $0.60{\pm}0.35 BqL^{-1}$. The means of the tritium concentration were $0.54{\pm}0.30 BqL^{-1}$ for the East Sea, $0.48{\pm}0.35 BqL^{-1}$ for the South Sea, and $0.77{\pm}0.32 BqL^{-1}$ for the Yellow Sea. The tritium concentrations in the sea areas did not show much difference no matter where the samples were taken. Due to the limited number and distribution of sampling points, no systematic change in tritium levels with latitude was observed. Measured tritium levels were similar to those observed in other data collected near Japan, but higher than mid-Pacific Ocean measurements.