Determination of $^{241}Pu$ in Environmental Samples Using Liquid Scintillation Counting System

액체섬광계수기를 이용한 환경시료중 $^{241}Pu$분석

  • Published : 1996.06.30


An optimized method for determining beta-emitting $^{241}Pu$ in the presence of alpha-emitting nuclides was developed using a liquid scintillation counting system. Pulse shape analysis (PSA) level was set using pulse-shape discrimination method and the $^{241}Pu$ counting channel was adjusted for maximum value of figure of merit using the 241pu standard source. The volume of scintillant was determined for the maximum value of counting efficiency. This optimized method has been applied to environmental samples to measure concentration of $^{241}Pu$ in soils and mosses. Also it has been identified the origin of Pu deposited in Korea from the activity ratio of $^{241}Pu/^{239,\;240}Pu$.