Present Status and Future of Spent Fuel Management(1) - National Strategies and Their Implementations

사용후핵연료관리의 현황 및 미래(1) -국가별 관리전략과 그 이행-

  • Published : 1996.03.30


The continuous expansions and development of nuclear power have led to generation of the significant volume of spent fuels and radioactive wastes. And so, safe and effective management of the spent fuel has been becoming internationally sensitive and significant issue since the early 1990s. Especially, more importance would be added in the view point of international politics, because of recent political changes in the countries of Eastern Europe including dissociation of the former Soviet Union and the difficulties faced by the nuclear industries worldwide. Accordingly, this paper is proposed to show an overview of national strategies and Policies on the spent fuel management, that are being assessed and carried out worldwide at this time. The overview is based on recent developments of the national strategies, their implementations and some related experiences presented in IAEA International meetings and some technical papers.