A Theoretical Calculation of Photon Dose Equivalent Conversion Factor For Extremity Dosimeter

말단선량계의 광자선량당량환산인자에 대한 이론적 계산

  • Published : 1996.03.30


In this study, the theoretical calculation of the air kerma-to-dose equivalent conversion factors was performed with a Monte Carlo N-Particle transport code for the two types of extremity phantom of the ANSI and the KAERI, respectively. Considering the distribution of absorbed dose due to the interaction of homogeneous Parallel broad beam of monoenergetic primary photons in the range between 15keV and 1.5MeV, the air kerma-to-dose equivalent conversion factors based on the kerma approximation were calculated. It is showed that all the theoretical conversion factors of the two types of the extremity phantom for the ANSI and the KAERI agree well with the experimental values of the ANSI N13.32 draft(1995) for each energy within 5.7%, maximum difference ratio, except for 13.6%, difference ratio in the case for the energy of less than 40keV. It is due to uncertainties of experiment occurred in the low X-ray energy range and geometry considered in the MCNP code.