Development of ALARA Checklist for an ALARA Design Review

ALARA 설계검토를 위한 ALARA 점검표 개발

  • Published : 1996.09.30


All nuclear facilities and components should receive an initial ALARA review before the installation and thereafter whenever modifications are planned. A major objective in design aspects of ALARA is to identify areas where specific engineering input can reduce personnel exposure. The basic factors which should be considered in the ALARA design review process include curd control, shielding and isolation of radiation sources accessibility maintainability and reliability, and contamination control. Because many diverse aspects must be considered in the ALARA design reviews, a proper ALARA checklist should be used to aid the designer in preventing any of the ALARA review considerations from being slipped away. In order to develop the practical ALARA checklist, check items for basic ALARA factors have been prepared, and what should be considered in reviewing each item has been discussed here. Based on the proposed factors and items, an ALARA checklist was developed.