A Study on the Analysis of Accidents for Reinforced concrete Method and Pre-cast concrete Method

재래식 철근콘크리트 공법과 조립식 콘크리트 공법에서의 사고 분석에 관한 조사 연구

  • 박종근 (벽실전문대학 건설안전과)
  • Published : 1995.12.30


In order to apply to analysis methods of mechanism and cross tabulation methods for the influence factors by the accident types to the object of accidents which occurred in R.C and P.C methods among the accidents in construction work sites, the latent hazards in P.C method are evaluated from the data of accidents in H Company from Jan. 1, 1993 to Dec. 31, 1993. The relationship between accident types and unsafe acts, unsafe conditions are recognized and the hazards of R.C method and P.C method are compared from the data acquired by the analysis of causes for a kind of occurrence mechanism. In conclusions, the items such as causes of accidents, accidents types, occurrence time, and the characteristics, are concentrated on one side in the P.C method, which is quite different from R.C method. Therefore the control method for the accident causes is easily established with a lot of effective advantages. The frequency and severity of accidents in P.C method are so low in comparison with R.C method.