An Experimental Study on Reduction of Gear Rattle Noise for a Mini-bus with Diesel Engine

디젤엔진을 탑재한 소형버스의 기어 래틀 소음 저감에 관한 실험적 연구

  • 정종안 (송원전문대학 자동차과) ;
  • 조찬기 (아시아자동차 기술연구소)
  • Published : 1995.12.30


On mini-bus with diesel engine, at idle rpm for taking measurement to reduce gear rattle noise, was tested by the three clutch disc samples by turns, then measured the fluctuation of revolution of engine & transmission and parallel vibration of differential gear & transmission. By analyzing the measured data, the gear rattle noise, the matching design and tuning technic of transmission are comprehended and established. Conclusions of this test are as follows ; (1) Fluctuation of revolution on transmission is greatly affected by torsion of clutch disc according to fluctuation of engine revolution transmit to transmission through clutch system. Especially, gear rattle noise can be reduced by minimaizing the fluctuation of the revolution of transmission using pre-damper type clutch disc. (2) The reason of gear rattle noise is higher in summer than winter and driving longer period than initial driving is due to affection by drag torque changing. So, it is necessary for manufacturer to choose proper oil to transmission. (3) It can be occurred jumping and crash noise by applying the pre-damper type clutch disc for reducing the gear rattle noise. So, it is necessary to do test with actual vehicle according to test procedure.



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