Application of Change Vector Analysis for Monitoring Geomorphological Change Using Remote Sensing Data

원격탐사 자료를 이용한 지형변화 관측을 위한 변화벡터법 적용연구

  • 원중선 (한국해양연구소 해양지질부) ;
  • 유홍룡 (한국해양연구소 해양지질부)
  • Received : 1995.08.11
  • Published : 1995.08.31


An algorithm for monitoring geomorphological change using remote sensing data is investigated and tested using two LANDSAT TM data sets acquired over the Kyunggi Bay on April 15 1986 and September 22 1992, respectively. The algorithm exploits change vector analysis and tasseled cap transform. Although change vector analysis is effective for change detection, efficiency is decreased as the number of variables are increased. In this algorithm, we overcome the problem by utilizing the tasseled cap transform which can reduce six bands of LANDSAT TM data into only two components called Brightness and Greenness. The test results demonstrate that the algorithm is very effective in monitoring small-scaled changes over coastal area as well as significant changes in geomorphology. The resulting change vector image, however, is more sensitive to the changes occurred by human activities than by pure geological processes mainly because of relatively short time interval between two LANDSAT TM data sets.



Supported by : 한국해양연구소