Growth and Lodging of Rice as Affected by Growth Regulators under Different Midsummer Drainage Times in Puddled-soil Drill Seeding

벼 무논골뿌림 재배시 중간낙수 및 생장조절제 처리가 생육 및 도복에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1995.12.01


This experiment was carried out to elucidate the effect of the midsummer drainage times and some growth regulators on lodging characters, lodging and yield in puddled-soil drill seeding in rice. Dongjinbyeo, the mid-late maturing rice variety was seeded at May 11 by seeding machine with 4cm of furrow depth. Experimental plots were divided two main treatment without midsummer drain and two time drains (30 and 50 days after seeding), Inabenfide(IBF) was applied 40days before heading(DBH) and IBP was applied at 30DBH, respectively. Culm length was shorten, the wall of N$_4$ was thicken, and the breaking weight was increased at two time drainage and growth regulators applied in order of Inabenfide, IBP, and Control. Lodging wasn't occurred at two time drainage but it was occurred at none drainage in the order of Control, IBP, and Inabenfide applied. Yield was higher at two time drainage compared with none drainage and higher in order of Inabenfide, IBP and Control in none drainage but wasn't significantly different among growth regulators applied in two time drainage. Therefore, two times midsummer soil drying is recommendable management method for puddled -soil drill seeding of rice. Rice, Direct seeding, Puddled-soil, Drill seeding, Midsummer drainage, Growth regulator, Lodging.