Influence of Midsummer Drainage on Growth and Lodging of Rice in Direct Seeding on Dry Paddy

벼 건답직파 재배시 중간낙수가 생육 및 도복에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1995.10.01


To investigate the effect of the midsummer drainage method on growth and lodging characters, Dongjinbyeo was direct seeded on dry paddy field under 4cm of soil depth at May 1 by seeding machine. Three kind of drainage methods were treated such as, once in 20day, towice in 20, 30 days and 3 times 20, 30, 40 days after flooding. As increase the drainage times, the culm and internode length were shorter, culm wall of 4th internode was thicker, breaking weight was heavier, height of center weight was lower, lodging index was reduced, and dry weight of root was increased. Field lodging occured seriously at none drainage but didn't, with two or three times of drainage. Grain yield was not shown significantly different compared with constant flooding irrespective of midsummer drainage times. Therefore two or three times of midsummer drainage could be recommended as the effective water management for the reduction of lodging occurance in direct seeding culture on dry paddy field.